Bookkeeper & Cloud Integrator


Don’t worry, it won’t hurt! If you have some idea of how much or how little you need, it’s quite easy to engage us as your bookkeeper.

For example, perhaps you only need your bills paid or your sales invoices sent. Maybe you can’t be bothered with your bank reconciliations or don’t like to chase overdue invoices. To keep your staff happy and your tax obligations under control, you might like to outsource just your payroll and superannuation. 

If your business is small, you may be satisfied with our bookkeeping services once a month to keep you on track. Alternatively, if your business is growing and you have too many balls to juggle, you’ll probably need regular bookkeeping to manage most of your financials.

We’re cheap to engage as we don’t need to be supplied with tools, equipment, software or a laptop. You don’t have to provide a work space as cloud accounting allows us to work from our office. This is especially convenient for tradies who are out and about, and home-based businesses with limited space. As long as we have regular contact, let us take care of your financials so you can take care of your business.

Should you decide to engage us, we’ll start off slow. You’re inviting a stranger to manage your financial transactions and this may feel uncomfortable. After our first phone conversation, we’ll arrange to meet for coffee to discuss what you need and to determine if we’ll add value to your business. You must learn to trust us so if we don't ask enough questions, run!

To allow both parties to settle in and develop a routine, we won't accept your “shoe box” on day one. In the beginning, we’ll take over the tasks that are weighing you down, in other words, the stuff you don’t like and the pesky jobs that consume your time. One man’s poison is another man’s gold, nerds like us thrive on bank reconciliations but don’t ask us to unblock a drain!

In summary, a good bookkeeper is an asset to your business. If you know you need one but have been reluctant to take action, don’t give it another thought and call us today!