Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service paperless?


Absolutley! We use the latest cloud applications to ensure your business runs paperless. You’ll be introduced to Receipt Bank so that when it comes time for BAS / TAX lodgements, you won't be bothered with last minute requests for paperwork. No longer are source documents lost in somebody’s inbox, instead, they’ll be stored in Xero against each transaction.

Do you offer fixed fees?


We don't believe that you should pay the same price every month when there are ebbs and flows, or seasonal variations in your business. There’s no cost to you during down times and no need to pay for idle time. Our fees follow a natural pattern matched to your requirements.

How often are you available?


  We're available 5 days per week, 52 weeks of the year. We'll even work on weekends if you ask nicely! We don’t leave early to pick up the kids from school and we're not unavailable when they’re sick. Better still, we're never late!

Are you one person or a team?


You get a team of people who know your business for the same price as one single person. You’ll get continuous service and you don’t have to retrain or start again if somebody leaves. We share the tasks and work together like clockwork

Where do you work?


We work from our offices.  You don’t need to provide a workspace or supply a laptop or smart phone Our workspaces are quiet and equipped with multiple screens for speed and productivity. We're not distracted by reception, visitors, office noise and other people’s conversations. 

How do you communicate?


 Our communication is task focused. We're only a phone call away and we'll exchange as many emails as necessary. We’ll have meetings via Zoom (screen share and control) and for those times when something is tricky to explain, we'll send video training instructions via Loom. Every so often we'll meet face to face for a chat and a cuppa.